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about ... B2B deutschland was founded in late 2005 as agency in commodity business. We are located in Germany. Our activities are committed to the principles of the so called honorable merchant.
  B2B deutschland forwards offers, requests and information among its participators by newsletters and publicly on its webside, conducts on booking further marketing services.  
  For all offers presented on this website or in our newsletter, we are next to the people who finally buy or sell and we do our work with due care and diligance, knowing by experience over the years that even this is not a guarantee but a good basis and one of the requirements for success.  
  We love to interact with people worldwide, to learn about the different cultures every day and it is our mission to support our clients to reach the best results possible.  
We see, that people in general are the same all over the globe, no matter what color or religion they are. We all only want peace and prosperity for us and our families.
  So ...Let's cooperate not fight... and let's do our best to make the world a better place and a home for everybody  ... for we owe that to our children and the coming generations.  

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