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basics ... ... welcome again to B2B-deutschland.com
On B2B deutschland website you find selected and filtered information of and about the worldwide commodity business, about companies looking for new opportunities, or just news from different fields of interest. It is mainly a marketing and advertising platform. There is no interest to compete or rival with 'the big players' and you probably won't find 'billion-dollar-deals'. We address and offer our options more to the smaller or medium size businesses that often are 'lost' in the endless worldwide web and/or have difficulties to find a comfortable and conveniant way to do business there.
  Find new buyers or new sellers or new markets or the information you need
  Very helpful for this purpose is our database which meantime over the years contains more than 20.000 subscribers all over this planet. Thank you people for your interest and loyalty over the years.
With your help and support it mostly is possible to help create business or to find 'the one contact' you need at the moment.
  But we are no 'Supermen'. We don't walk on water and we cannot 'make magic' but we do our best to help you to do real business with real people under realistic and fair circumstances, not more and not less.  
  To receive our newsletters is for free. For advertising-, marketing- and consulting-services we charge moderate prices or commissions. Please ask for details and/or a personal offer @  office@b2b-.....  
  Stay informed and up-to-date
Monthly or for special events, b2b deutschland publishes a newsletter to all subscribers, presenting actual offers or requests and/or general information. The newsletters are sent to our recipients worldwide, a service that producers, sellers or buyers can book.
Also advertisements/presence on subsites of our website.
  We hope you find the information you are looking for and that this site is helpful for you. As there is nothing that could not be made better, don't hesitate to give us some feedback, We are always open towards constructive criticism.  
  What we can do for you - find buyers or sellers for your products and services
- support you to explore new markets
- support you to find local partners and/or representation worldwide
- assist in negotiations and business affairs
- promote your offers and/or products in our newsletter / on our website
  - selling of surplus production
- verification services abroad
Subscribing to receive the newsletter is for free (how to)
Advertisements can be booked at low cost, corresponding to the b2b-pricelist. (how to)
Buying/Selling Support we forward your products and/or request and needs (how to)
Verification of facts or circumstances can be conducted. (simple investigations only). (how to)
Please note:

We do not forward information about or deal in any way goods for military use, weapons / ammunition, radioactive materials or pornographic content.

We reserve the right to reject orders or requests or to exclude people or organisations that do not correspond to our ethic or moral principles without further notice or explanation.

We respect everybody's cultural or religious orientation, but this is not a one way road and so we expect the same. Human rights are nothing to deal with. b2b deutschland is no place for greedy and grabby people.

We are only interested in fair trade and real business and relationships with real people and organisations that share our principles to the advantage of all parties involved.
Years ago a famous multi-million german fraudster was brought to court. The judge asked him how it  could happen that he was for so long so very successful with his 'simple scam' ..... 
  The answer was: Your Honor, it is never a problem as .....
  .... greed guzzles brain ....
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