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code sel-171129001-n12w12
ANS - absolute natural sound
sound equipment for string-instruments
revolutionary pick-up systems and amps

... and you hear nothing but the sound of your instrument ...

Made in Germany
- approved quality, no DIESEL used in process (for sure!)
*** credentials and references of well known professionals available ***
price depending on model & features
send a mail, describing your interest, mentioning your instrument...
order the actual pricelist
procedure just send a mail and ... get all further information directly from the producer
eMail office at b2b-deutschland com (with reference to the above 'code')
... resellers & dealers welcome ...
- you are always goin' for the perfect sound experience ?    
  ... if you're sure you have the best - you should check this out ...
  pic  pic pic
  - adaptors for different types of string instruments available - ask for  yours !
  .. if you are looking for something special, send a mail ...  
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