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German Software Company offering international cooperation / licences
to Software Companies / local dealers with service-background

Established and experienced German Software Company has proven software for multilingual usage. Software can be easily adapted to foreign languages even by the user (option). Mixed installation in the same network possible.

available solutions:

- for Trade Companies, Craft Companies, Producers and others ...

Office Manager
(CRM/ERP/PPS/DocManagement ...)
Time Control
(Access/Presence/Orders/Holidays and more)
- for Fire Brigades and comparable Organisations

Organisational Fire Prevention 
(staff / inspections / documents & documentation & more)
Equipment Management
(procurement / usage / maintainance documentation & more)

Software Made in Germany
*** credentials and references available ***
price depending on product & features
send a mail, describing your interest, mentioning your market position...
procedure just send a mail and ... get all further information directly from the producer
eMail office at b2b-deutschland com (with reference to the above 'code')
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